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Thursday, July 28, 2011 » 2010 » April » 2010 » April: "Rabbi Yitchak Luria, was know to be able to read the holy spirits of the face, as explained in the Zohar volume 8. At one point, The Arizal knew that it would be his student Rabbi Chaim Vital, who would be the one who would later transmit his teachings. Thje Arizal realized that Chaim Vital was somehow not comprehending the more mystical elements of his teachings so he took him to Tiveria"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FrumFind (107)

FrumFind (107): "all those factions which seek to marginalize our voice, our importance, and our purpose as distinct people who have been chosen and appointed by G-d to be a nation of priests and a light unto the other nations.

Often we forget, we simply refuse to find and focus on the essential ideas and beliefs which unite us. Instead we engage in endless argumentation against each others varying interpretations about living in the manner that we believe is the proper and true path that Hashem our G-d has specifically given to our people."

Monday, July 25, 2011 "birth of Pinchas in the current Torah portion of Vayeira. Pinchas is an important personality in the Torah because he will later zealously take up the defense of Hashem by spearing a prince of the Hebrews who publicly disgraces Hashem,with his illicit actions. In so doing Pinchas had brought an end to a plague that had already claimed the lives of 24,000 Jews."

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Starting What I Have Been Meaning to Do for Years.

Frum Find, The Place To Find All Things Frum.

Starting What I Have Been Meaning to Do for Years.
Stephen C. Sanders
July 17, 2011

It took me a while to get here, yet lucky for you, this is going to be short. I have been more of website developer then a blogger, and my ideas and plans have always been geared more towards websites than blog.

My take on a blog is this. A blog is generally something where you will either write fairly regularly either on a specific topic or on a closely related group of topics. Okay, other than the fairly regularly part, I do that. Sometimes I will write a lot, like over the last few weeks, and sometimes I will hardly write anything at all. Naturally there are reasons, perfectly reasonable and valid, however I need to reel it now.

The reason I am more of a website developer has to do with what I want these websites to do. A blogger per se, does not require the blog to preform any specific function. They write, they post, may send people links, or having a mailing list and thats their blog.

                              Masada, where you find many outer and inner walls. Summer 2009

If you ever choose to use one of my pictures, like the one above. I don't mind as long as you place a link to my site preferably on the same page where you use it. 

Now I put some thought into the names I choose for my websites. Since I am writing on Frum Find (The Blog) I dont mind sharing that we learn that when G-d brought all the animals before Adam, he chose a name for them which represented an essential aspect of their essence. I have heard Rabbis speak at a Shalom Zachor (the Friday night party after a baby boy is born) that when parents name their child they have Ruach HaKodesh (kind of like a divine or holy guidance).

So naming a blog, like naming a child, or a business is not simply a meaningless act. Therefore, when I had first purchased the domain name, FrumFind in all its different varieties (meaning endings .com .org for example) or in the industry know as TLD's (Top Level Domains) I had an idea.

So there you have it, FrumFind (The Blog) is here to assist (written work) and (at the moment simple Free Classified Ads), yet please recall that the statement we have only just begun, is true. So relax a bit, and allow me to develop this Website, and if your Frum and either looking for something or want someone to find you, here at FrumFind, we are hoping to help.

Stephen C. Sanders

July 17, 2011