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Thursday, June 28, 2012

PHP Tutorial for Beginners | Webmonkey |

PHP Tutorial for Beginners | Webmonkey | "The whole deal about making dynamic websites is that you want your web page to be as smart as possible — to have code sitting there that can make all sorts of decisions based on different kinds of user input, user conditions (what browser is Visitor X using?), or information that you set yourself. Examples of this could be:

After a user enters an email address, check that it has a valid form ( and if not, serve a page that says, “hey pal, how about a VALID email address?”
Serve one set of HTML to .com domains and another to .gov domains (where you try not to use any big words that might confuse ‘em).
Know whether a customer at your online store is meeting a minimum dollar amount for an online credit card purchase.
And on and on and on – the possibilities are limitless."

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