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Thursday, July 19, 2012

(99) Yom Tov Glaser

(99) Yom Tov Glaser: "for us all to "accept" someone's essence. The idea being their "essence" is who they truly are. I believe that these days there is a great deal of hatred amongst groups, within communities, and nations. I believe I have heard somewhere that it was "hatred for no reason" that was the cause of the destruction of the 2nd Holy Temple? If one group, community, or nation specifically defines themselves as hating another group, community or nation, then I would think it would be extremely difficult fot the "hated" group, to like the other group. So consider this problem, if group X, exists simply to destroy group Y- (for no particular reason) how can group Y "transcend the natural reciprocal hatred" and not allow themselves simply to hate group X? Setting this up as an equation works"

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frum Singles Long Beach Retreat Mixer Starts July 13th. - event at My World Of Work

Frum Singles Long Beach Retreat Mixer Starts July 13th. - event at My World Of Work: "The price will be fixed at $175 and the accommodations at a simple yet clean hotel two to a room. Alternately if you must be guaranteed your own room, that option will be available for $205.

Friday early check in and late check out's on Sunday will be available. Three glatt kosher catered meals, Sunday breakfast and picnic type lunch will be provided.

We also plan on bringing along a few guest matchmakers, and we have obtained a pledge to advise us and help us with the ice breakers, from a former experienced planner of such events who some of us may remember as Lisa B. (who is now married in living in Eretz Israel.) "

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