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Sunday, April 1, 2012 » 2012 » March » 15 » 2012 » March » 15: "The first Hebrew word of the book of Genesis is “Breishis.” It is a composite of two words boro – create and shis which one of its meanings is hole (shitim.) In other words creation comes to us through the metaphor of holes.

The Hebrew name Betzalel means in the shadow of power (God.) (Exodus 35:30) “Betzalel son of Uri (light) son of Chur (hole.)” He was blessed by the Creator to know all the variations of flow in the spiritual realm and thus was able to make a physical tabernacle reflecting all the vibrations of the spiritual realms.

He understood the secret of the Hebrew letters and each detail that they represented. The word for letters in Hebrew is “oss” which also means sign. The Hebrew letters are a sign for something. The shape and form of each Hebrew letter and word reflects the various flows of life force in creation."

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