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Sunday, August 28, 2011 | Daily teaching of the Zohar and Tikunei Zohar | Daily teaching of the Zohar and Tikunei Zohar: "Tikkun 56 – 8

The story of Creation revel the name of YHVH יהוה. The ten sayings of God “Let there be….” are the aspects of the Father. It represent the letter י Y of the name that have numerical value of 10.
Five times the word אור, ‘Light’ for the numerical value of the letter H ה of Binah, The Mother.
Six times the word טוב ,’Good’, for Zeir Anpin, the Son and the letter Vav that is sequal to 6.
The name of the Sixth day השישי, “The Sixth” has an extra letter H ה and it represent the Hה of Malchut, The daughter."

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