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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tzadikim who left during Elul

Tzadikim who left during Elul: "it is good just to say the Name of a Tzadik. Of course the more one learns about each individual Tzadik strengthens ones connection to that Tzadik and assists in the Channel of connection between you and he/she. As we develop more information about a particular Tzadik his or her name will appear as a Link. Otherwise it will just be listed below the date.

One spiritual ritual recommended by Rabbi Nachtman of Breslov is to say the Names of the Tzadikim starting with Adam and Chava and continuing until today. This list will be added as a link when it is available. In the meantime try doing this ritual with the Names of all the Tzadikim who passed in an Hebrew month."

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