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Friday, September 23, 2011

Focus On Yeshiva University High School For Girls

Focus On Yeshiva University High School For Girls: "The school is more definitively situated at 86-86 Palo Alto Street in Holliswood, Queens.

The primary mission of Yeshiva University High School is to teach the values of Torah, and to incorporate secular studies for the students attending. Administrators attempt to prepare girls for adulthood and to become good practicing Jews.

The curriculum at Yeshiva University High School includes Judaic Studies, the purpose of which is to instill a love of Torah and of lifelong learning. General Studies consists of academic courses required under state law, but there are also honors components, which are more challenging. Ninth graders are required to take a course in research skills and a special Kern Library, an electronic library, is available for students throughout their education at Yeshiva University."

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