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Monday, September 19, 2011 "Yeshiva Type: Academic Excellence, Individual Attention, Average - Motivated
Gender: Girls
Levels: High School;
Clientele: Black Hat, Community School, Yeshivish
Specialty: Parallel Classes
Language of Instruction: English/Ivrit
Total Number of Students: 100
Size of Enrollment: Small (25 or less)
Parallel Classes: None
Dorm: No
Sports: Basketball Court, Swimming Pool, Computer lab, Outdoor Sports Only
Extra Curricular: There is a big focus on extra-curricular activities which are happening all the time. There is a G.O., art, mishmeres program, shabaton, grade shabbos, yearly concert..."there is always something going on".
At-Risk: No
School Appearance: Immaculate. Magnificent."

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