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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Larger List Yeshiva or Private Jewish Day Schools

Jewish schools
in New Jersey Aberdeen Shalom Torah Academy, 479 Lloyd Rd. 732-446-2121

Bayonne Yeshiva Gedola of Bayonne, 735 Ave. C 201-339-7258

Bridgewater Preschool Place Kindergarten, A N Bridge Street Box 6007 908-722-0101

Cherry Hill Congregation M'kor Shalom, 850 Evesham Rd 609-424-7339
Harry B. Kellman Academy, 2901 West Chapel Ave 609-667-1302
Milton and Betty Katz Jewish Center 1301 Springdale RD. 609-424-4444
Politz Foundation School 720 Cooper Landing RD. 609-667-1013
Temple Beth Sholom, 1901 Kresson AT Croppwell 609-751-1824

Clifton Clifton YM YWHA, 199 Scoles Ave. 973-779-2980

Cranford Solomon Schecter Day School Cranford Lower School, 721 Orange Avenue, Cranford, (908) 272-3400

East Brunswick Solomon Schechter Day School, 511 Ryders Lane 732-238-7971
Temple B'nai Shalom, P.O. BOX 957 732-251-4300

East Windsor Morris Namias Shalom Torah, ACD 639 Abbingdon Drive 609-443-4877

Edison Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva, One Plainfield Ave 732-985-6533
Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva, 2 Harrisom St., 732-572-5052

Egg Harbor TWP Hebrew Academy of Atlantic CO., 6814 Black Horse Pike 609-383-8484
Trocki Hebrew Academy of Atlan, PO Box 3163, 609-823-6681

Elberon Ilan High School, 250 Park Ave 908-870-2800

Elizabeth Bruriah High School For Girls, 35 North Ave 908-351-6315
Ramat Sinai, 35 North Ave. 908-289-1836

Englewood Moriah School Of Englewood, 53 South Woodland Street 201-567-0208

Highland Park Y M Y W Hebrew Association, 2 South Adelalde Ave 732-249-2221
Yeshiva H S-Central N J, 201 S. Third St. 732-937-9494

Howell Solomon Schechter Academy, 395 Kent RD 732-370-1767

Jamesburg Shalom Torah Academy, 3059 Englishtown RD 232-446-2121

Lakewood Ahavath Torah, 420 Second St. 732-363-1400
Bais Kaila Torah Preparatory, H PO Box 952, 732-370-4300
Bais Shaindel High School, 299 Monmouth Ave. 732-363-7074
Bais Yaakov High School, 145 Ocean Ave. 732-370-8200
Bais Yaakov of Lakewood, 350 Courtney RD. 732-367-7749
Bezalel Hebrew Day School, 419 5th St. 732-363-1748
Bnos Yisroel School for Girls, 100 Ninth St. 732-367-4855
Lakewood Cheder School, 901 Madison Ave. P.O. Box 838, 908-370-2597
Mesivta High School of Bradley, 1446 Monmouth Ave. 732-776-6504
Mesivta Pe'er Hatorah, 414 Eighth ST 732-370-2362
NJ Center for Judaic Study, 801 Kennedy BLVD 732-363-9817
Talmud Torah of Lakewood, 219 Second Streets 732-363-0040
Tashbar of Lakewood, 655 Princeton Ave 732-905-1111
Tiferes Bais Yaakov, 170 N. Oberlin Ave. 732-364-0311
Yeshiva Ketanah of Lakewood, 654 Eighth Street 908-363-8371
Yeshiva K'tana, 213 Lexington Ave. 732-363-0303
Yeshiva Ohr Chodosh, 440 Ninth St. 732-364-7062
Yeshiva Tiferes Torah, 75 East End Ave. 732-370-9889

Livingston Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, 110 S. Orange Ave 201-575-1194

Manalapan Temple Beth Shalom, 108 Freehold RD 732-446-1224
Temple Shaari Emeth Pre School, P O Box 393, Craig Rd. 732-462-3264

Marlboro Marlboro Jewish Center Pre School, 103 School Road West 732-536-2303
Solomon Schechter Day School, P.O. Box 203, 732-431-5525

Morristown Cheder Lubavitch, 226 Sussex Ave 973-455-1367

New Milford Solomon Schechter Day School, Bergen Ave. 201-262-8975

Oakland Gerrard Berman Day School Solo, 45 Spruce ST 201-337-1111

Ocean Deal Yeshiva - Boys Division, 1515 Logan RD. 732-663-1717
Hillel High School, 1027 Deal Road 732-493-0420
Hillel Yeshiva School, 1025 Deal Road 732-493-9300

Paramus Frisch Yeshiva High School, 243 Frisch Court 201-845-0555
Yavneh Academy, 155 Farview Ave. 201-262-8494

Passaic Hillel Academy, 565 Broadway 973-777-0735
Yeshiva Ktana of Passaic, 181 Pennington Ave 973-365-0100
Piscataway Yeshiva Shaarie Tzion, 51 Park Ave. 908-235-0042

River Edge Yeshiva of North Jersey, 666 Kinderkamack RD. 201-807-1777

South Orange Beth El Preschool Kindergarten, 222 Irvington Ave 973-763-0113

Teaneck Maayanot Yeshiva High School, 1650 Palisade Ave. 201-833-4307
Sinai Special Needs Institute, 1600 Queen Anne RD. 201-833-9220
Torah Academy of Bergen, 1600 Queen Anne RD 201-837-7696

Trenton Ring Kindergarten, 999 Lower Ferry Road 609-883-9550
West Orange Solomon Schecter Upper of Essex-un, 1418 Pleasant Valley Way 973-669-8000
Solomon Schecter Day School, 122 Greogrey Ave 973-669-0790


  1. One should realize this is a partial list. Also according to the slogan of the main web site(s) for the frum find find family, one needs to draw the line somewhere regarding what is frum and what is not frum.

    Therefore we understand that frum requires Torah observance so while it may be easy to say; the conservative and reform movements are better than "no observance at all" at the same time we can not also use the word frum when we discuss them.

  2. The other question that might come to mind is how much to the left (towards being modern, liberal or open-minded) can modern orthodoxy go and still be considered frum.

    While I may not be able to answer this questions for others, it is certainly my prerogative to at least attempt an answer for myself. The answer being included here is in the context of: Would I feel comfortable to send my daughter to a Yeshiva High School which offers "mixed" instruction in general studies? The answer is a definite no. So while I may have included both conservative Yeshiva High Schools as well as those offering "mixed" general studies classes, it is by no means my intent to state they are "frum".

    Indeed while clearly our Rabbis have already concluded that the "conservative movement" may have been a "major setback" for Torah observance; it is not my place to likewise label schools that offer "mixed general studies" while still claiming orthodox status to be abything other than frum. I simply feel that after being in the Yeshiva system for 5 years in an "all girls school that 'was not" a Beis Yaakov school, yet did not offer mixed classes, that it would be be far from ideal if my daughter would now be "compelled to attend such a school" simply because a proper (non-mixed) Yeshiva High School could not be located.