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Friday, September 23, 2011

Jewish Day Schools - US and Canada

Jewish Day Schools - US and Canada: "8-376-4280
Yeshiva and Mesivta of Staten Island Staten Island New York 718-356-4323 718-356-5412
Yeshiva and Mesivta Ohel Shmuel Bedford Hills New York 914-241-2700 914-666-0280
Yeshiva and Mesivta V'Yoel Moshe D'Satmar Monsey New York (914)425-2203
Yeshiva Ateres Tzvi Brooklyn New York 718-599-0022 718-599-0022
Yeshiva Ateres Yisroel Brooklyn New York 718-763-6777 718-763-1798
Yeshiva Avir Yaakov New Square New York 914-354-1201 914-354-0334
Yeshiva Avir Yakov Spring Valley New York (845) 362-6600
Yeshiva Bais Ephraim Brooklyn New York (718) 377-8448
Yeshiva Bais Hachinuch Spring Valley New York (845) 354-3805
Yeshiva Bais Yitzchok D'Spinka Brooklyn New York 718-387-4597 718-486-6645
Yeshiva Bais Yitzchok Talmud Torah Sqvere Brooklyn New York 718-633-4802 718-972-2595
Yeshiva Beis Meir Brooklyn New York 718-437-5844 718-437-4883
Yeshiva BeRachel David Flushing New York (718) 591-9574
Yeshiva Beth David Monsey New York 914-352-3100 91"

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