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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Scientific Discoveries Do Not Replace Scripture In Our Holy Torah!

This post "evolved" out of what was originally supposed to be a a simple response to recent article I read on the web detailing how science have recently discovered evidence demonstrating how complex organic substances previously believed to have come only from living things that have died, are now stated as being "made naturally by stars and ejected into interstellar space."


The Article in goes on to describe the science behind their claims to understanding the nature of something they have not sampled by applying data collected from Infrared Emissions.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) claim to have solved the mystery of "Unidentified Infrared Emission features" that have been detected in stars, interstellar space, and galaxies. For over two decades, the most commonly accepted theory regarding this phenomenon was that these signatures come from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) molecules - simple organic molecules made of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

This kind of science is fascinating and there is no doubt, that "The Creationist Fundamentalists" might either try to refute this or perhaps even debunk it.

Science and Religion Can Get Along, They Just Have To Respect the Others Space, and Methods- Stephen C. Sanders, Friday October 28, 2011 . Written Exclusively for The Authors Blogs and other affiliated websites. (Feel free to share this freely with the usual mention of the author and preferably with links back to the website where it originated.) 

However when considering that ongoing, unending debate, here is a different twist. The obvious availability of complex organic substances does not preclude creation.

If one "imagines" or simply or more fundamentally accepts to truth of creation in Bereishis of our Holy Torah- (Genesis) G-d creating the Universe (including the Stars) World (mountains, rivers, continents (including continental plates) All the living things of the sea and land, great and small, swarming or crawling, or winged creatures flying in the air under the heavens, then the creationist would understand, okay, G-d, our Father made us out of this primordial soup the complex organic molecules that Darren Quick has written about here.

It simply makes the actual creation process, which I believe no religious theoretician to date has really even attempted to describe a slightly more streamlined system. In other words instead of always having to make the different hearts of the all of the different mammals for each and every animal from scratch for example: cows, pigs, goats, chickens, trout, all he would need to do is to reach in his proverbial container of cardiac muscle, myocardium, squamous epithelia, smooth muscle for surrounding the arterioles, the ar, mesothelium, endocardium, fibrous tissue, lymphatic vessels and then mold them according to His design.

Having the complex organic compound readily available for G-d's incorporation into the various designs for the different organisms poses no problem for creation what so ever. In fact it actually helps "expedite" the Ultimate Devine Production, in six days.

Naturally I could go on, being that I am both; an undergraduate Biology Major, as well as a former High School Biology Teacher, who has always believed in G-d, (or at least since he was about 16 years of age) and even more recently having taken on the lifestyle being an orthodox, Torah Observant, G-d fearing Jew, however I must stop, not just because I fear I have created an endless run on sentence, but, because our day of rest is approaching, and Torah observant Jews take seriously G-d's instructions telling us to rest on the seventh day, in memory of the six days of creation, where G-d rested on the seventh day.

I have long believed, and continue to believe that the fundamental differences between the methods used in science and the methods used by religion to describe creation are not  mutually exclusive. There are always going to be strict followers of one particular interpretation (amongst many different interpretations) from both religious observers and well as those sufficiently educated in the scientific method.

Probably the most amazing thing is, that certainly from a biological point of view I would say that anyone (religious or not) would be hard pressed; not to be in awe, when gazing upon the wonders of the natural world be they living things under a microscope, or heavenly bodies using a telescope. 

Therefore I have always felt that there long has been this almost bitter battle between those who understand the science of natural selection; the doctrine of survival of the fittest, and the process of speciation through geographic isolation. Having spent a great deal of time learning Torah in and amongst the orthodox Jewish community which I am an active and practicing member of, I find it hard to accept the consistant lack of sophistication in the argumentation which they present.

However from the scientific side of things, the method by which they inflexibly adhere to their dogmatic theories and explanations is also something where one could easily find a great deal of fault. Just as the process by which Torah is learned and taught is never truly completed, so to too is the science of life and living things never truly completed nor perfectly understood.

I maintain that the huge rift between science and nature in today's day and age was neither an academic invention of Academicians, nor was it initiated by religious Christian  or Jewish leaders. Rather it was a logical outgrowth of a highly charged political "Three Ring Circus" known by every public school child as, The Scopes Monkey Trial:

       Scopes Monkey Trial—was a landmark American legal case in 1925 in which high school science teacher, John Scopes, was accused of violating Tennessee's Butler Act which made it unlawful to teach evolution.

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