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Monday, October 24, 2011

Rabbi Moshe Cordovero - the RAMAK - Chris Yehuda Zimmerman

Rabbi Moshe Cordovero - the RAMAK - Chris Yehuda Zimmerman: "Then, turning to the following crowd, they said: "We shall bury him here, beside one of Israel's greatest sages."

However, the Ari stopped them, crying out: "Don't bury him here. The cloud which is preceding him has continued on its path. Surely it will indicate where the Ramak desires to be buried."

Hearing these words, all were stunned. Now they knew the identity of their new leader.

That very day, the Ari's fame began to spread, and scores of great scholars began clustering around him.

The Ari lived only two short years longer, and was snatched from this world at the age of 38 in a plague which struck the city of Safed in 1572. But in this short time, he revolutionized the study of Kabbalah. He was the first to explain the concept of the tzimtzum (G-d's "contraction" of His infinite light to make "place" for creation) and many other Kabbalistic concepts. As predicted by the Ramak, although many of the Ari's teachings seemed to contradict those of his predecessor, eventually all realized that the views of the two really concurred."

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