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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The return of bread cast upon the water | Touch of Torah | NJJN

The return of bread cast upon the water | Touch of Torah | NJJN: "This is what he told me:

“I learned that just as the porgies and flounder in Jamaica Bay had their destiny — some to swim freely, others to the frying pan — so do we all have our destinies.

“I learned that God singles each of us out for an individualized mission — it may be a major prophetic one, as was Jonah’s, or it may be much less significant. But we each have our calling.

“I learned that one cannot escape his mission. Jonah tried to flee to the sea to avoid what he was meant to do. I have tried other ways but always found my way back, not in the belly of the great fish, but by remembering our amateur philosophizing while trying to catch little fish.

“I learned the most helpful lesson of all — that the Almighty has mercy upon all His creatures. He cares for all mankind, and sends His Jewish prophets to the aid of even their gentile enemies. He even cares for the kikayon, the strange plant under which Jonah found shade and shelter."

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