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Monday, September 12, 2011

About Rabbi Ginsburgh « The Wonders of Your Torah

About Rabbi Ginsburgh « The Wonders of Your Torah: "Rabbi Ginsburgh is one of our generation’s most respected authorities on Jewish Mysticism. He is acknowledged by both the religious and academic communities as an integrator of the mystical tradition as has not been seen in Judaism for many generations. Every class or lecture that he delivers is a tour-de-force of powerful insight, intellect, and creativity. Hundreds of spiritual leaders view him as their mentor and teacher and his impact on Torah scholarship and Jewish spirituality increases from day to day.

Rabbi Ginsburgh currently produces enough material for publishing a full-length book every month. After years of searching for the right way to make his original teachings available to the public, we have opted to use wordpress as a platform. All the posts on this site are written by him. They represent only a small portion of his daily output. To follow Rabbi Ginsburgh’s teachings properly, please see the additional sites in our links section."

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