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Monday, September 12, 2011 » Blog Archive » High Level Ideas Down to the People. » Blog Archive » High Level Ideas Down to the People.: "Moshe writing one of the Holy names of Hashem on a piece of parchment and bringing up the bones of Joseph from the bottom of the Nile river. The important point that R. Rosenblatt went on to make was that while it was actually a self sacrificing thing for Moshe to busy himself in this manner, that it was the most important thing for his spritual development to do so. In the great rabbinic tradition of giving over what previous rabbis have explained R. Rosenblatt was explaining the deep and mystical thoughts of Shmuel Uceda,(1538-1602) Student of Rabbis Yitschak Luria, Chaim Vital, and Elisha Gallico. Author of Midrash Shmuel."

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