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Monday, September 12, 2011

Incorporating Art and Science into Torah Education

Incorporating Art and Science into Torah Education: "sake of creating a source of income, or to use that knowledge for the service of God, as was the case with the great sages, the Rambam and Ramban. These two reasons are not presented by the Tanya in a negative light, as though people who are not able to master Torah may instead study secular subjects. The very opposite is true. Secular studies were permitted especially for the very greatest masters of Torah, such as the Rambam and Ramban, who were first expert in all the revealed and esoteric dimensions of the Torah. They invested a great amount of time to master the secular subjects of mathematics, science and medicine. Medicine is for the sake of helping mankind, which is a mitzvah ("commandment"). The other topics were studied because by knowing them one can better serve God. Through the knowledge of science one can meditate upon the greatness of God in the creation of the universe. The Rambam "

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