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Friday, September 2, 2011

New school on the block - The Jewish Standard

New school on the block - The Jewish Standard: "Amid a turbulent economy, an increasing number of day-school parents are suffering sleepless nights wondering how to scrape up enough money to cover tuition fees of $15,000 or more per child. Some parents are even opting out of day schools altogether.

Lauren Ariev Gellman understands their predicament. As the mother of three elementary-school-aged children, she was often frustrated by the high cost of her children’s day school and the relatively mediocre education it offered.

Instead of complaining, Gellman, of Highland Park, sought a solution. Her response to the “yeshiva tuition crisis” is the Pre-Collegiate Learning Center of New Jersey for eighth through 12th-graders, which will open at the East Brunswick Jewish Center in September.

The nondenominational Jewish school will offer a full curriculum of general and Judaic studies, including many self-paced individual-learning opportunities. The annual tuition, in contrast to many area Jewish high schools that cost upward of $20,000, will be $5,000."

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